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Mind Benders: Brain-Boggling Tricks, Puzzles, and Illusions | UK
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This interactive, award-winning book comes crammed full of optical illusions, word games, number conundrums, logic puzzles, challenging tricks, mind-boggling mazes, and much, much more.

Mind Benders is the best daily workout for your brain on the market. Each and every brainteaser is presented in a bright, colorful format with a straightforward question alongside eye-catching graphics and simple instructions to follow. Cerebral challenges encourage you to think laterally and logically and find speedy shortcuts to solutions.

You can make the seemingly impossible happen. Imagine losing control over your arms and legs, defying gravity in a balancing act, or picking up a marble without touching it. And that’s just for starters. Fool yourself and befuddle your brain with obscure optical illusions, spot the shapes hiding in a perplexing pop-up, and confuse your colours somewhere over the rainbow!

It’s time to take a break from technology. Put your pads down, turn off the TV, and your brain will benefit from this newfound knowledge. Don’t worry if you get stuck and your brain is scrambled. All the answers are included and explained inside. 

Once you’ve cracked all the challenges, try them out with friends and family to see if great minds really do think alike. 

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